Posted by: Constance Gane | May 14, 2009

Core Staff

Tall Jalul Excavation Core StaffZeljko & Randy reading pottery
              Randall W. Younker (Director)
              Constance Gane (Co-director)
              Reem Al’Shqour (Co-director)
Associate Directors:
              Paul Zeljko Gregor
              Paul Ray
              Mark Ziese (unable to come)
Field Supervisors:Og king of Bashan on his iron bedstead
              Paul Ray—Field C
              Jennifer Groves—Field D
              Paul Zeljko Gregor and Helena Ruzica Gregor—Field G
Associate Field Supervisors:
              Theodore Burgh
              David Merling
              Basam Taher & Hanadi Taher
              Sabel Zaben
Drafting, Architect, GPS:
              Theodore Burgh
              Owen Chesnut 
              Karen Borstadt
              Kathy Koudele (unable to come)
              Christie ChadwickJalul99 8
              Owen Chesnut
Administrative Assistant:
              Jody Washburn
             Karen Borstad
Object Registration
             Paul Ray
             Leslie S. Baker Jr.
Pottery Registration:
             Jody Washburn
Square Supervisors:
         Field C (Paul Ray)
             Christopher ChadwickPaul @ Petra photo by Antonio
             Christie Chadwick
             Sarah Gane & Roy Gane
             Jennifer Shrestha & Audrey Shaffer
        Field D (Jennifer Groves)       
             Owen Chesnut
             Amanda McGuire
             Leslie S. Baker Jr.
             Sean Porra
        Field G (Paul Zeljko Gregor)              
             Jeff Hudon
             Micah Johnson & Chad Washburn
             Ehren Lichtenwalter
             Justin Singleton
        Islamic Village (Reem Al’Shqour & Thomas Pieters)
             LaRue, Suzanne
             Christine Chitwood

The list is currently undergoing updates and may change. 


  1. We will miss you, Shellie Berglin! The Hospice at Home Referral Center team will check this site regularly. Have fun. Be safe. See you in July!

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