Posted by: ochesnut | May 22, 2009

GPS Setup

Tim and Owen Settib Up the GPS

On Thursday 5 of us went out to the tell to get the GPS equipment up and running.  Paul Ray and I had written down detailed directions about the setup so we were sure to get it right from the beginning.  Of course several things had to go wrong (the GPS holder was attached backwards so we had to take it apart and put it back together, someone 😉 forgot to hook up the units to their antenna’s), but after spending over a week getting everything going last year, this year was a breeze.  Paul and I went back this morning to get our new rover unit going, and that was no problem.  We now have two rover units one for the tell and one for the Islamic Village.

Thomas Holding the RoverPaul Looking in His Notebook

We also had a chance to walk over the Islamic Village and the tell, and see what damage had been done since the previous season.  In the village half of one wall had been knocked over, but fortunately it fell into a room where bedrock had been reached.  On the tell there was the usual trash in several of the squares (fortunately no dead animals this time) and a suprising amount of vegetation. So the fields, but mainly Field C, will have their hands full with cleanup.


  1. You guys have two rovers?! That’s great! That will make taking points so much easier.

  2. Yeah, one is down in the Islamic Village, where Karen and Teddy will be surveying the whole village and taking points for them, and then the other will be up on the tell. Its a good thing we have a third, because the same thing that happened to you happened with the base unit. It got turned on in the car and deleted Fast Survey. Everything is back up and running for Monday though.

  3. No way! There must be some type of programing gliche for that to happen twice. Hey something else, I need to take the data points I collected last summer and turn them into a topo map. How do I do that?

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