Posted by: Justin Singleton | May 28, 2009

Field G

What is happening in Field G? Let me first give you a preface to the situation. This is the area of the tell previously directed by Dr. Mark Ziese of Cincinnati. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Dr. Ziese had to sit this one out. The Field is now being directed by Dr. Gregor of Andrews University – both great guys and great scholars.

This area of the tell is extremely important because of the (possibly) wonderful find last season – a wall. This wall is located in Field G (or rather Field G is located at the site of the possible wall). The field was broken into a T shape (the main wall being in the bottom of the T.

Last season the square next to the wall was began, but after some depth nothing of significance was found. This season the top right of the T has been dropped (after just a few days of digging) and the area just left of the wall has been opened again (the wall runs crossways – possibly into the top left of the T). This square won’t catch the entire wall, but the northernmost side should catch a part of it.

What have we found? Lots of broken pottery and dirt (normal), but we have also found that the wall is quite deep. As we cut through the earth along the wall, we found a nice line of distinction between two colors of dirt. This line cuts at a downward slope toward the wall (as if someone had dug a hole to place the wall), yet the wall seems deeper than even this cut. What does that mean? I will have to tell you next time but I promise that it is something significant. (Don’t you hate cliffhangers?)

What about the people? Oh yeah, you are probably interested in hearing about the people as well. Most of us are doing great. Some of us have a little upset stomach, but we are managing fine. This is a normal symptom of visiting a different culture.


  1. So Yelko has moved to Field G, who is in Field A?

  2. No one this year, I saw him the other day looking longingly into the giant hole that is A, so hopefully Mark will be able to come back next dig season.

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