Posted by: browneyesarebest | May 28, 2009

just another pretty rock

One of the perks of being at the bottom of the pecking order at the Tell is the joy of sifting. It’s dirty. It’s dusty. I’ve been told that this is where the best finds turn up, so I begin sifting on day one with anticipation, selecting interesting pieces for Owen or Jennifer to examine. Nope, they say, that’s just a rock. Another rock. Okay, so I haven’t found anything. This isn’t nearly as exciting as I had hoped. So I’m sifting, my counter reads somewhere around 120 guffas (rubber buckets), and there are epic amounts of sand in my nose. I yawn, sift, yawn, pick out bits of pottery, reapply my sunscreen, repeat. New bucket of dirt, click the counter, shake shake shake, and – what is this? First I notice a rock with a hole in the bottom. Whoopee, another rock. But I pick it up and turn it over. This is the part where angelic voices begin their chorus. I don’t know what it is, but it sure looks intriguing. Jennifer confirms my find; it’s a seal. When I resume sifting, I work with new vigor. Perhaps we will find another, and soon.


  1. Hi brown eyes, how about a picture of the seal? I can feel the grit, taste it even, but I cannot picture what a Mesopotamian seal might look like.

  2. PS Happy Birthday!

  3. scroll down, mother dear. there are pictures and a video as well.

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