Posted by: thomaspieters | May 28, 2009

Of Sherds and Gentlemen.

It is a fine feeling that takes hold of me when I look over the tables on our rooftop laboratory.
Endless rows of dusty, dare I say ugly, sherds and at the end a radiant light wrought by the sons of Allah.
The feeling grows as I observe the amount of diagnostic sherds compared to the table bordering our own.
I smile as I look at our prestigious collection of painted wares, glazed pottery and beautiful lamps.
We don’t get seals and skeletons, as they do up high on the tell and though I mourn the first I am rather glad of the latter.
My people are good, they are young, inexperienced, but eager to learn and learning quickly. Not a week ago they were inexperienced and clean, now they have mud crusts under their nails and a baptism of fire under their belts.

Not only professionally are we on fire, the evenings are filled with heated discussions, passionate debates and highbrow remarks.

Tomorrow is the end of the first week of digging and everything is getting into the fold. We get fed at regular times, the shebabs are getting into a good rhythm, even though our Islamic Village ones seem to be cursed to suffer from poor health and unfortunate accidents and the team has all but adapted completely to getting up at an ungodly hour and going to bed before the chickens even contemplate taking a nap.

The weekend awaits and so does Kerak, the magnificent fortress of the Crusaders led by Reynald de Chatillon that was violently disfigured in Kingdom of Heaven.

Next week we’ll be showing pictures of the real castle and we’ll be looking into how one mentally and physically prepares to tackle a weekend of the most beautiful place on Earth.


  1. Thomas! You are brilliant with words and imagery. I thank you for your prose. It gives me a sense of satisfaction to know that you are a part of our quest for the dusty past. ~Connie

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