Posted by: unyot | May 28, 2009

Seals and Meals


In the same location as the Ostracon was found in 2007, and on the same day (day 3 of the dig) another inscription was found in Square 1 of Field D.  Although it is only half of a seal, it was exciting when Florie Bell Salazar Yang, my sister-in-law, called to me from the sift that she thought she had something nice (and this only about an hour after Chelsea found a complete seal with decorative mark instead of letters)!  Did she!

We are taking down the north bulk back to (almost) the 6 meter mark (where it should have been) due to erosion over the past few years.  We have successfully removed about 6 decameters of dirt completely across north side of my square.

Ahkmed (who worked with me last year and is a great guy and a good worker) has helped me every day.  Arnie (my wife), her mom (Zenaida), and her sister (Florie) have rotated with Arnie coming on Monday and today (Thursday), Mom coming Tuesday and tomorrow (Friday), and Florie coming that third day, Wednesday.  They rotate because Florie has two small boys and Arnie and I have two small girls that all need to be watched in the morning.  It is a good system.  They will stay this week and next and leave after Petra (each getting 3 days to dig at Jalul).

The meals in the Mariam are wonderful (now that they are on time – we used to have to wait for an hour or more to get them).  The hotel is clean and close to the tall (we used to have to travel 1/2 hour or so each way in 2007 – now it is only about 10 minutes, depending on how fast the bus drivers drive).

It is exciting times in Field D!  And I am sure there will be more cool finds in the days to come.

To see pictures of last season and some from this season check out my flickr account.  Go to:

and search for “L. S. Baker, Jr.” and you can navigate from there to my photostream.

The internet is spotty thus far but I will try to upload some pictures soon.  🙂

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