Posted by: ochesnut | May 29, 2009

Of Deities and Dirt

Today was another bounty of finds for Field D.  During excavations one of our undergrad students Jasmine Saunders found the head of a horse, from a horse and rider figurine.  Her shouts of joy reverberated across the tell.  Seeing the joy it brings people when they find something for the first time is always such an enjoyable moment, and at that point you know that they are hooked.

During pottery reading/washing two more discoveries were made.  The first, during reading, was of a fertility (?) deity, only the midsection was left and at first it was like doing a Rorschach test, everyone saw something different.  But then Paul Ray noted that it was a broken figurine with arms clasping a baby to the breast.  The second find was made during washing, Jasmine again found it.  She thought she saw some writing on a sherd and showed it to me.  I immediately noticed a lamed and showed the sherd to Paul and Randy Younker.  They were able to make out 4 letters and thought the script was Aramaic, dating to around the 5-4th centuries BCE.  We found another ostracon!  Unfortunately all of these finds were from balk removals, but all are still unique and exciting on their own.Horse HeadJasmine and her Find


  1. Way to go! Field D turns up another amazing find. Its probably the most productive field when it comes to cultic objects. I wonder if those buildings had some type of cultic function rather than domestic…

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