Posted by: unyot | June 1, 2009

Kemo Sabi

Contrary to the punch line of the popular joke, “kemo sabi” actually means, “faithful friend.”  However, today in my square, my sister-in-law (the one who found the broken seal last week with letters on it, Florie Bell Salazar Yang) found the punch line – the wrong end of a horse.

In our case it was the back left leg, haunches, and the body of the horse with a very unique and spectacular painting of a saddle (or tack) in black ink with white painting (or yellow) underneath.  The horse is reddish in color.

It was found while we continued to remove the northern balk.  We probably have another 2-3 days of digging to finish up this task.  We have exposed a wall (assigned locus number 88) which runs parallel to other walls already exposed in the square (but does not appear to directly connect to any of them).

Oh, and it was hot today!  Whew!  But although the work is hard, the hours long, the dust almost unbearable, and the heat utterly suffocating, it is all made tolerable because of the kemo sabi that I work with.  The jokes we make and the songs we sing help make the work seem light.

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