Posted by: unyot | June 2, 2009

The Shoat that was a Dog

Today a little good news and a little bad news…(bad news first)…

Bad news on our mythological creature, the shoat, it was not a shoat.  Apparently the bones of a young shoat are similar to those of a small dog, which our skeleton was.  Thus the shoat remains undiscovered!  (By-the-way, the name, “shoat” was chosen because in the reading it is always, “sheep/goat” not “goat/sheep” – making “geep” – the other possible name – unusable”.)

Good news on the horse figurine we found yesterday – Arnie Lou Salazar Baker (my lovely and extremely talented and inspiring wife – no she is not looking over my shoulder at the moment) found in the 5th from the last goofa (tire – as in car tire – basket we use for moving dirt) today a back right leg and tail of a horse figurine.  Could it be the missing back leg to the intriguing piece her sister found yesterday?  Keep posted and I’ll let you know tomorrow.  Each night I work with Dr. Paul “Sting” Ray registering the objects found and turned in from all the fields that day.  So tonight we will look at the two objects and determine if they were originally one object.


Mr. Cool

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