Posted by: unyot | June 3, 2009

Kids and Kites


Two days ago the back end of a horse was found with the back of a horse attached to it. It had the rear left leg and the top portion of a tail.  Yesterday, a rear right leg of a horse figurine was found with a tail.  We asked the question yesterday if the two perhaps went together.  Sad news, they do not (unless the horse had a severe limp – since the right leg was about 1/3 longer than the left leg).  So we have two horse figurines and not one, neither of which are complete.

Ate Ging (aka Florie Bell Salazar Yang – who found the seal with letters and the horse figurine 3 days later) will be going out tomorrow.  If she finds an ostracon she will have the trifecta!  Here’s hoping!!!

This morning my eldest daughter, Einra Leie Salazar Baker, who is 7 years old, went with me in the morning to the Tall to dig.  She loved it.  However, about 8:30 it was getting hot (we left the Tall today again at 12 instead of 12:30 because of the heat) and she told me she wanted to go home.  I had made arrangements for her to return to the hotel after 2nd breakfast (about 9:30-10) so I positioned her in the shade with her Gateraid.  About 9 the family surprised us by showing up (Arnie, Florie, Lora (our youngest daughter), and Florie’s two boys – Ben and Jay).  They brought kites and had some fun while we kept digging.  The kids were really looking forward to flying the kites but when I looked up the moms were the ones flying them and having a wonderful time!  They did all return to the hotel after breakfast and went swimming (they told me).

Meanwhile, Sean, Owen, Tim, and I set up a lean-to between Fields C and D.  Before we had it up the local workers were already sitting down in it!  It was about 10 degrees cooler (which meant it was only in the 90’s F).

In Square 1, Ma (professor Zenaida Garcia Salazar) helped me.  She also did sifting for Square 7 on a nearby sift since it only took about 30 minutes to finish excavation of the North Balk and I spent most of the day actually excavating real loci (which made me happy because what I am doing really matters now).  We didn’t find anything as far as objects except a portion of a loaf-shaped basalt grinder (which are common because they could be reused to build walls when they broke).

Tomorrow we will continue excavation and hope for that ostracon!

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