Posted by: unyot | June 8, 2009

Balk or Baulk or is it Bulk?

Apparently the name for the tower of dirt between each square and around the edge of the field is no longer spelled, “Bulk” (as I have mistakenly been spelling it – probably because I am so used to that spelling from my many countless hours in the gym pumping iron).  Jennifer Groves (field D supervisor – and a woman who needs no nickname – probably because she would simply murder us if we gave one to her) informed me the other day that it should be spelled “Balk”.  However, that word is also used in Baseball and it is not pronounced the same way.  When we questioned it Dr. Randy Younker (site director and iconic figure) further informed us that it should be spelled, “Baulk” as in the British system.  However, as Americans we protest the extra “u” in all British spellings of words and have thus dropped it like the Monarchy.

On a sad note:  my family left today.  I did have the opportunity to drive them to the airport.  (Florie left yesterday with her boys – I drove them up from Petra ahead of the group – Arnie and the girls left this morning – and Ma left this afternoon at 1pm).  I was ok this morning until my littlest girl (3 years old – in August), Lora, finally realizing that I was not coming with them, began to cry.  That just broke me up.  Still does.

Back at the Tall, we knew that their flight left at 8:50 and all flights are routed directly over the Tall.  The first plane to fly over us after that was at 9:05 am and was a BMI plane (which was their air carrier).  So we all yelled (not that they could hear us) and waved our kafias and hands.  (They probably were sitting on the other side of the plane.)

I’ll let you know if they saw us when Arnie emails back.

So, it is a lonely “Balk” spelling man who signs off today.

Mr. Cool (D-1 super)

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