Posted by: unyot | June 10, 2009

A Day in the Life of…

It occurred to me that many who might be reading this blog, may not know what we do each day.  I can’t speak for anyone other than myself, but can open the window into what I do and think each day.

It all begins at the very dark hour of 4 am when my alarm goes off.  After a short trip to the loo and worship I get my kit on and make my way up to the 5th floor for breakfast (last year it was the roof but now it has windows and is quite a lovely place to dine).  We have been instructed to be quiet (for the other patrons of the hotel who apparently have not been given the same instructions for late at night).  Everyone talks in whispers and tries not to squeak their chairs on the floor getting up and down.

At 5 am we should all be on the bus (there are two – one which has the habit of getting lost from time to time and the other which has the habit of speeding and overtaking other vehicles even in the crowded city streets).  I put sunscreen on (spf 45) and in a few jiffies we are at the site (only about 7 minutes away – 5 1/2 on the fast bus).

In field D we take photos immediately (after claiming our tools) before the sun comes up to cast shadows.  So in the morning twilight (can you call it twilight in the morning?) I get down in the field and write on the white board and set the meter stick and north arrow as Jennifer instructs me.

Meanwhile others are setting up the sifts and getting the pails ready.  It should be noted that none of this happens without much humor.

We work hard while it is still cool and then pause at about 9:30 am for 2nd Breakfast.  That is when it gets blisteringly hot!

From 10 am until we stop (usually at 12:30 pm) we work slower winding it down at about 11:45 am to work on paperwork for the next day (so we can dig when it is cool the next morning instead of wasting those precious cool moments on paperwork).

Then we return to the hotel.  Lunch is nice but I skip it now that my family is gone.  I opt for a shower and paperwork (which I do until I blog at about 3:00 pm – right now in fact).  At 3:30 pm it is time to set up pottery for reading (and the bones) which is followed by washing of the pottery from today (those who are not supers start washing from 4 pm).

We usually finish at about 5:30 pm with washing and I prepare for tomorrow’s day (getting my bags ready).  Supper is at 6 pm.  At 6:30 pm I go to Paul’s room for object registration.  That usually ends at about 8:30 pm at which time I return to the room and have evening worship and crawl into bed.

It is a long day, but I love it!

Mr. Cool (D-1 super)


  1. I love reading your postings, there’re so funny. I believe you were looking for the work dawn or predawn.

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