Posted by: unyot | June 10, 2009

More Balks please

Apparently this is the year for balk trim/removal in Field D.  After a successful excavation of the northern area of square 1, I was again asked to remove more balk.  I did so today, but before I was a 1/2 meter into it, I was informed that tomorrow I will be attacking another balk (no – not in my square but in a square 7)????  Square 7 has already had part of its balk removed but a small portion of it descends down into a room that is mostly in my square.  With just the SW corner of the room in the east balk of square 7, the dirt has very little to hold on too.  Thus, it will need to come down in a scientific manner (as it is coming down on its own in a very messy manner now).  It is dangerous if I am ever to dig in that room this year.  So for the next day or so I will be removing it (or what is left of it).

I got an email from Arnie today.  They did not see us from the plane (for those of you who have been holding your breath for two days – you may exhale now).  I am still checking to see if they were on the right side of the plane (as that was the side that could have seen us).

In London, they were asked if their handbags had been with them at all times and if anyone had given them anything (the typical questions).  Einra (my 7 year old) had some little animal pins in her bag that her auntie (Florie) gave her.  Arnie said that Einra was so scared that they were going to take her pins away from her.  What a cutie!  They made it safely and are back in the swing of things at home.

Today, I found a tent loom weight (stone about 15 cm with a hole in it to hold the heavy goat-haired string used in the tent weaving process).  Chelsea in square 4, found a bulla with writing on it [ed. a piece of clay with a seal impression that was burnt, and thus preserved].  Very exciting.  Still looking for a name to tie our site too.  Perhaps this is it!  We can hope.

We also were taken to the police station to be fingerprinted.  This is a process they used to extend our visas.  Not too exciting but always fun to see how other countries run their international affairs departments (perhaps it makes more sence if you can understand Arabic).

Ok, time to go wash pottery (to see what was in our balks from yesterday – exciting!)

Mr. Cool (D-1 super)

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