Posted by: unyot | June 18, 2009

Maximus and Tiberius

I must say that it was nice to have the family here for a few weeks.  It is hard to be away from your family for any length of time.  In 2007, Sean and I only had each other (we also had “Hank” for a few weeks at the beginning).  To keep from being down in the dumps all the time (from missing our families), we took to joking a lot.  He adopted the name “Bubahotep” and I kept the nickname given to me by one of my 4th grade students in 1995, “Mr. Cool”. 

(One day at recess I sent the class out to play and was about to follow the last one out the door when I realized that he was not the last one.  The littlest guy – and one of the most popular – had his head in his hands on his desk and wasn’t moving.  I went over to him and realized that he was crying.  I asked him what happened – thinking that probably someone hit him or something like that.  Through tears that he desperately tried to wipe away, he told me that he didn’t understand the Math we had just done.  So of course, I stayed in with him and helped him.  From that time on he called me, “Mr. Cool” and I called him, “Little Cool”.  This all happened on the island of Pohnpei in Micronesia where I was a missionary for two years.) 

Sean and I gave nicknames to other people in 2007, and now that our families are gone we have started again (Dr. Paul Ray is still “Sting”, tall Tim is “Treebeard”, Chris from field C is “Tank”, Chelsea is “Jazzy”, Jasmine is “Jersey” and we are still working on some others).  But this year we didn’t want to just repeat what we already had (I will always be “Mr. Cool” but that name is not on our door this year).  If you happened to walk on the second floor that overlooks the pool and found room 228, you would not see the names, “Scottie” and “Sean” on the door; instead you would see, “Maximus” and “Tiberius”.

Poor Tiberius had some kind of a bad cold or cough when he came this year and hasn’t been able to shake it.  He is upstairs asleep right now.  He did come out this morning to the Tall but had to return at 2nd breakfast.  It is a good thing he did too because the wind stopped shortly after he left and the sun baked us!

In square 1 of field D today I was able to bring the dirt level north of wall 30 down to the same level as my east balk (that separates squares 1 and 2).  Tomorrow I will continue to bring that down to a lower level.  I only came across a couple of sling stones and some broken grinders.  I also found two large pieces of glass slag which is very interesting.  We will see what tomorrow brings.

If you have any good nicknames for certain people on this dig, please let us know and I will let you know if we adopt them.  This kind of stuff keeps the moral high and shortens the lonely moments.

Mr. Cool (aka “Maximus” D-1 super)

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