Posted by: ochesnut | May 1, 2010

Short Season Starts Soon

Next week there will be an exodus of people out to Madaba and we will begin excavating at Jalul on Sunday May 9th. We will be excavating in Field G and one square in the Islamic Village.  The goal this year is to expand the area along the city wall and plastered channel that were found last season in G.

As usual there have already been issues regarding dig prep.  We shipped our GPS units over so that we could keep them in country and have them ready to dig.  However we found out they were being held up in customs because of new government regulations.  Well it turns out that the radio modems, which are necessary in order for the rover GPS units to communicate with the base, were being held up because they are set to a frequency that, while standard in North America, is reserved for cell phones in Jordan.  This news has led to all kinds of issues and looks like we will have to rent units in the meantime and possibly buy new radio modems in Jordan.  There are always complications.

I will be updating the blog regularly during the dig and hopefully there will be guest post or two along the way.

Owen Chesnut

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