Posted by: ochesnut | May 13, 2010

Week One Recap

Tomorrow the dig will be a third over.  For some reason we are still waiting for our permit even though we were told we would have it at the beginning of the week.  We were told that, despite the lack of permit, we could dig and then yesterday we had to stop early because we were told we shouldn’t be digging, and then today we were allowed to dig again.  Today we also realized that one of the squares was 6×6 meters instead of the usual 5×5 meters.  Despite these random annoyances we are making good progress.

Field G now consists of only two squares (the top square in the picture below and one out of sight), as we decided to call the two descending into the water system Field W.  The top square in that three step drop is the most important because it will reveal the orientation of the plastered channel.  So we will be able to see whether the channel continues to turn and descends through the two squares in Field W or whether it continues off to their west.  The three step squares have revealed limited architecture, a possible wall fragment is being uncovered in G11 (the top step, where doctoral student Jeff Hudon is supervisor), and in W2 (where our dean, Denis Fortin is square supervisor) a number tesserae were found in a random jumble and band of cobble stones is being revealed.  In G11 two Ottoman period burials were uncovered, both young children with one articulated on its side and facing Mecca.  In G10 (Sabal Zeben supervisor) they are attempting to follow the city wall and have so far uncovered the top stones of a wall oriented at a slightly different angle than that of the wall in the square to its southwest.  Tomorrow we head for Petra and will be back to Madaba on Sunday.

W1, 2 and G11

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