Posted by: ochesnut | May 18, 2010

We Found It!

The main goal of this season was to continue tracing the plastered channel and see where it goes, and if it somehow connects with the water system (which we are hypothesizing is evident from the large depressed, fertile area in the middle of the tell).  Today in G11 we found the channel.  I came down on some stones forming a wall, and as we continued to excavate more stones were uncovered as was the wall of the channel.  Instead of continuing on its suggested path (through the middle of G11 diagonally) it turns to the east and continues on the eastern side of the square.  Shellie Berglin seems to have locates the top course of stones on the eastern side of W1 the square directly to the north of G11.

The FIirst Few Stones of the Channel Emerge

Zeljko Finding the Other Side of the Channel

Excavated in 2009

Water Channel Running Through G11

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